Trick Horse Training #2 - the Sit Down and Pedestal DVD

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Tommie Turvey is one of the top trick trainers in the business. His easy to follow techniques will get you to your goals. This DVD explains how to successfully get your horse to learn the pedestal and sit down. Tommie teaches two new tricks for you to learn and apply to your horse; The Sit Down and the Pedestal. Each is unique and fun to do. Watch Tommie as he trains 2 different horse personalities to step up on the pedestal. You’ll see the steps, corrections and progress Tommie makes while training. With the Sit Down, Tommie shows how to get your horse to sit from a standing position safely and in a way your horse will understand without causing bad habits or unwanted behaviors. Suitable for any age horse trainer. Get ready for fun and interaction with your horse with Tommie Turvey’s Trick Training Series 2.