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“Tommie Turvey is a true Artist. With his love of horses, he creates Magic, Imagination and Inspiration” 

~William Shatner

About Us


  • Liberty is the most human way to comunicate with your horse.
  •  Using only your voice and body language. 

Trick Training

  • No other discipline will create a better bond between you and your horse.
  • Trick behaviors are great for all horse's if trained correctly.

Trick Riding

  • The most fun way to ride horse's  is standing on top of them or hanging off their side.
  • We have trick saddles and roman pads to teach many trick's.

Effective training equipment.

With the right tools you can safely train your horse to perform any behavior. Tommie has developed a line af products that he relies on to train. He also give's detailed info in his DVD'S. "If you follow my method you will improve your life skills and horsemanship. 

Featured Products

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