“Tommie Turvey is a true Artist. With his love of horses, he creates Magic, Imagination and Inspiration” 

~ William Shatner

Tommie Turvey Horsemanship

Training DVD's


  • Become a Better Trainer
  • Connect with Your Horse
  • Essential Horsemanship Skills
  • Bridle-less Riding  
  • Teaching Tricks & Having Fun


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Training Equipment


  • Training Bridles
  • Laydown Hobbles
  • Liberty Lash and Q-stick
  • Neck Reins 
  • Training Tools

Gifts & Collectibles


  • Models of Tommie's Horses   
  • Hoodies and T-shirts
  • Posters and Movies
  • Unique Jewelry
  • Coffee Mugs


Effective and Time-tested Training Equipment and Methods.

With the right tools you can safely train your horse to perform any behavior. Tommie has developed a line of products that he relies on to train safely and consistently. His DVD's give detailed instruction on how to use the tools correctly and build a great life-long relationship with your horse.

 "If you follow my methods, you will not only improve your  horsemanship skills, but your communication skills with your horse".     Tommie

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