About Us

Tommie Turvey foremost is a horse lover. Ever since he was born, his family always had horses. Caring for and riding were the things he did every day. This love led Tommie to many careers that he would thrive in. With his knowledge of horses, he became a world-class entertainer, known around the world for his comedy act, "the World's Funniest Horse, Pokerjoe", a movie stuntman and wrangler alongside with his wild mustang, Blade, and his famous black and white Paint Horses, Joker and Ace. Tommie is a showman and loves to feature his horses under the spotlights and beautiful music. He soon became a fixture at horse events with standing room only crowds wanting to know his "secrets" and methods of training. He makes it looks so easy, so it must be an untold secret. As Tommie says, "There are no secrets, just things you haven't learned yet. I didn't limit my learning to one trainer or method, I learned from them all and applied the useful parts to the horse I was training." These method are what Tommie has put on his instructional videos so you may learn how his horses  achieve their potential in the spotlight. Today, Tommie uses his knowledge to train and ready horses for movies, TV shows and live performances. "In order to have a horse do anything, you need to have a horse with a solid foundation. With the right tools, consistent training and guidance, your horse training skills and your horses understanding of what you want will grow to unimaginable levels." 
Tommie has traveled the world performing and training horses. He now resides and trains in Williamson, GA at his 50 acre ranch. Tommie is available for private training, developing acts, consulting, stunt coordinating, providing movie horses and horse stunts, speaking at equestrian events and performing at live shows. Please feel free to contact us with your needs or questions.