Tommie Turvey's Horse Hair Neck Rein and Training DVD

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Tommie Turvey's rule is to use your tools so you don't ever have to use them. This neck rein was created by Tommie to be able to work your horses without a bridle, bit, or tack. This use of pressure and the slight feel of the horse hair is enough to communicate to your horse. This is a step in creating a wonderful connection with your horse in riding bridleless and neck reining. Experience full freedom with your horse. Made by hand in the USA with 5/8" braided horse hair and stitched and bound leather strap. Medium size is for an average horse neck, Large is 4" longer for larger horses. Natural horse hair is bristly and will not harm your horse. Due to availability of horsehair, color patterns will vary. Please select DARK or LIGHT color pattern to get a Darker or Lighter base color. This offer includes a Tommie Turvey "NECK REIN" TRAINING DVD - a $30 Value included FREE for a limited time.