Quick Lunge Attachment

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Save time in your training. This helpful tool makes it easy to go from riding, schooling, or training to lunging with the simple attachment to the bit. Add this to your bit for a secure and easy way to lunge your horse without having to remove the bit, adding a halter under the bridle, or connecting the lunge line to the bit. These things could set your training back. With the Quick Lunge you will go from ride to lunge as quick as it takes to snap on a lunge line. This is a tool that will save you time and improve your training. Features heay duty double stitched nylon, a swivel eye so you can lunge in either direction without changing anything, and heavy duty claw snaps for easy on and off attachment. This tool hangs under the chin attached to the bit on each side and will help take your training to the next level and save you time and frustration.