Tommie Turvey's "Showtime!" featuring Funniest Horse Act EVER!! DVD

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This is Tommie Turvey at his best. Seeing his performances with his horses is an amazing sight to see. He is the ultimate equine showman with his exciting Roman Riding, Beautiful Liberty, Fast Action Trick Riding and Hilarious Comedy "the Riding Instructor" (the funniest horse ever!) PLUS his new Mustang and Dog act along with the exciting Gladiator Chariot Race featured in "Night of Amazing Horses" show. If you have never seen him live, this DVD will put your there in the front row. If you have seen him, this DVD will bring back the incredible memories, belly laughs and inspiring moments. This DVD is a sensation at many 4-H, riding clubs, and horse barns. Your friends won't believe it until they see this DVD. The thrill to witness a man with his horses under lights, in front of thousands of people, and thunderous cheering and applause. Tommie's horses shine like no other. You will truly see the special personalities of these magnificent horses. This is of Tommie and his Amazing Horses, Pokerjoe, Joker, and Ace. Filmed during a live audience in 2009. DVD Format ALL ZONES. 45 minute running time.