Trick Horse Training #1 - the Bow, Laydown & Sit-up DVD

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Everyone asks "How does he do that?" Master Horseman and Trick Horse Trainer, Tommie Turvey shows you step by step  how he gets his horses to bow, lay down, and sit up in this no nonsense  training DVD. Tommie explains the necessary steps, tools, and  disciplines needed to have your horse understand what you are asking and  perform these tricks consistently. This is a must have for those who  want to learn how to get yourself prepared and for those who want their  horses to laydown, bow, and sit up. It includes all the necessary steps  your horse has to do, before even attempting these tricks. This DVD is perfect for those who started their training and are not sure how to continue and those who want to start from the ground  up. Tommie's methods are easy and simple steps you can start with any  willing horse.

1 hour plus bonus features.   Suitable watching for all ages.